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Best 5 phones with IR blasters 2020

Best 5 phones with IR blasters 2020
Best 5 phones with IR blasters 2020

Remote controls are so quaint. So, it's perhaps no surprise that folks attempt to hunt down the sole phones with IR blasters. These small components mimic infrared-remote controls and effectively turn your smartphone into a universal remote.

Unfortunately, while IR blasters were once a typical feature for a few phone makers, they've fallen by the wayside in recent years. Samsung stopped embedding them in their flagships with the Galaxy S6, as an example. That said, some Chinese manufacturers, like TCL, Huawei and Xiaomi, still see value in IR blasters and still incorporate them to the present day.

All of this to mention, if you're desperate for a smartphone which may replace your living-room remote, there aren't many easy choices. Nevertheless, these are people that rise to the absolute best.

What are the sole phones with IR blasters?

What was once a well-liked feature is now an uncommon, niche one. Once upon a time, a huge majority of the sole Android phones also had IR blasters embedded within them. Combine that with an accurate remote app - either one that came pre-installed onto the phone or third-party software you'll download off the Google Play Store - and you had the grail of all universal remotes at your disposal.

Times have changed. Today, not one flagship phone on sale in North America features an IR blaster. Samsung and LG ditched them way back, and Apple never believed in them to start with.

There's just one modern phone sold within North America that has an IR blaster, and it happens to be a brand-new one - the just-released TCL 10 Pro. However, that $449 device is good, but not excellent, it likely won't be the right choice for all users.

So, what if you're not want TCL's midrange? You've two choices: Either devour something really old - a touch just like the LG G5 - or import a world model of an up so far device which may work on global networks and is not sold domestically, a touch just like the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro. (Fortunately, if you reside within the U.K., you'll a minimum of fare slightly better than your American counterparts, as sort of those phones are sold there.)

In most cases, we'd recommend you stand back from an ancient device like an old Galaxy or LG handset just because they're too slow to use reliably anymore, and are missing out on critical security updates to make sure a secure and stable user experience. However, you'll find it worth learning one among these older models as a separate, second phone simply to use as a faraway.

The best phones with IR blasters you'll buy today

  1. Best 5 phones with IR blasters
  2. TCL 10 Pro
  3. Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro 5G
  4. Huawei P30 Pro
  5. Huawei Mate 10 Pro
  6. LG G5

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