Best iPhone 2020: which Apple phone is the best?

Best iPhone 2020: which Apple phone is the best?
Best iPhone 2020: Which Apple phone is the best?

The Apple iPhone has gone from strength to strength in its 13-year existence. In 2019 we got the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Max, all of which Apple sells next to the older iPhone XR and thus the fresh iPhone SE. Until the iPhone 12 in September, which is that the only iPhone you'll buy?

With other retailers selling models older than what Apple stocks, buying an iPhone are often a confusing experience despite their extreme popularity. Additionally, for the primary time during a brief time, the sole iPhone in our opinion isn't the foremost expensive. 

We love iPhones for his or her excellent design and build, quality cameras and unrivalled four to 5 years of software support from Apple. the foremost recent iPhone 11 range has also significantly improved battery life, one among the items holding older iPhones back from greatness. 

Apple just unveiled the new iPhone SE, which may be a less costly member of the iPhone range. It features an A13 Bionic chipset, slightly ID fingerprint scanner and consistent design to the iPhone 8. It now features in our ranking below too as we've published our full verdict.

We reckon there are eight iPhone models you would like to think about buying immediately, so we’ve ranked them best to worst consistent with the requirements of most of the people - but your choice will depend upon your budget and what you want.

We've taken the time to use each iPhone extensively so on the match all the features and functions that new and older iPhones provide. We've snapped with their cameras, played many games, and weighed the worth you get for the worth.

Here's our list of the sole iPhones on the market immediately.

Best iPhone: which one do I get to buy today?

1. iPhone 11

The best Apple iPhone bang for your buck

The iPhone 11 is not the highest-spec Apple phone, but it supersedes the iPhone XR 'budget flagship' in better ways to become the standout phone of its generation in terms of sheer value. 

True, it misses out on a zoom lens, but as we found with the Samsung Galaxy S10e, a coupling of main and ultrawide lenses serve most photo needs. While it doesn't get an OLED display, its LCD screen a minimum of allows the phone to stay its best-in-generation battery life crown. And it even gets slightly more RAM - up to 4GB from its predecessor's 3GB.

Add in iOS 13 and every one the new tweaks coming within the iPhone 11 series and this phone could even be a lean, mean, photo-taking machine - and everyone for $699, the foremost cost-effective an iPhone has debuted since the iPhone 8.

2. iPhone 11 Pro

Nearly the sole, but slightly too pricey

The iPhone 11 Pro could even be a more advanced smartphone than the lowest iPhone 11, but it isn't the sole iPhone simply because its price could even be a huge intensify too.

Sure, the smaller screen is one-hand-friendly, the screen quality could even be a bonus, and it's Apple's most affordable handset with three rear cameras, so it's an honest phone beat all – that's why it's at our second spot on the list of our greatest iPhones!

But money could even be a priority for several people when they're trying to hunt out a replacement smartphone, and thus the massive price intensify could even be questionable for several people once you set the stats side-by-side with the iPhone 11.

3. iPhone 11 Pro Max

Big phone, best phone, top price

The iPhone 11 Pro Max isn't only a confusing shift in the naming convention - it is the most vital, fastest, worst iPhone out there. it is also the foremost expensive at $1,099 starting price, which only goes up if you expand storage.

Not much has changed from the iPhone XS Max, apart from the upgraded camera suite - on the other hand again, adding an ultrawide lens could even be a huge upgrade. The photo software has been upgraded, too, and switching between zoom levels is far smoother here than in other phones.

The battery level has been improved a staggering 4 hours over the iPhone XS Max, consistent with Apple. And if you'll get beyond the truly weird-looking triple-lens rear camera block, this is often often often truly the foremost powerful iPhone out there.

4. iPhone SE

The choice for people that need a less costly iPhone

Unveiled in April 2020, the new iPhone SE may appear as if an older iPhone but it comes with many advantages over the remainder of the range. The chief reason you will be eager to buy for this is often often often it is the most cost-effective iPhone you'll buy from Apple immediately.

It comes with an equivalent design because the iPhone 8, but this has upgraded internals like an A13 Bionic chipset that is the same we have seen powering the three phones you will find above during this list.

It also comes with a slightly ID fingerprint scanner, which are some things we've not seen on recent iPhones. The camera is good on this phone, but won't compete with the very top iPhones and it's a mean battery life too.

Overall, if you're trying to seek out a less expensive alternative to the devices you've to examine above you'll love the iPhone SE.

5. iPhone XS

Another option for those trying to hunt out something compact

Believe it or not, the iPhone XS was once Apple's best 'small' phone. it's a 5.8-inch screen, so it's more one-hand-friendly than many the larger phones on this list, but it still packs a clock in terms of spec.

The iPhone XS could even be slightly older now, but it's a wise HDR-capable 12MP camera, enhanced TrueDepth front-facing camera, and a quick A12 Bionic chipset, exactly a touch just like the larger iPhone XS Max.

This all-screen phone is just about the iPhone XS Max during a smaller form factor. It does have a smaller battery than the Max and a smaller screen, but you'll still capture equivalent great photos and videos on this device and play an equivalent game. 

Plus, it's cheaper that's wont to be when it had been the foremost recent and greatest iPhone

6. iPhone XS Max

The iPhone XS Max remains an enormous, speedy phone

This was once absolutely the simplest iPhone if your hands and wallets were large enough. it's an expansive 6.5-inch OLED screen with HDR10 support to form colours pop. it is the right phone if you want an enormous screen, but it's now been replaced by the iPhone 11 Pro Max we've mentioned above.

Behind that massive screen could even be a dual-lens 12MP camera. Apple outfitted it with Smart HDR and increased the sensor size to capture larger pixels. Don't let that static 12MP number fool you. The iPhone XS Max (like the XS) has depth-sensing capabilities for adjustable bokeh (background blur) during and after an attempt.

The TrueDepth camera returns with faster Face ID recognition, and your 7MP selfies recover depth control and Smart HDR, too. this is often often often now cheaper than at launch too, so it's going to be an honest option if you want many specs but don't need to urge the most recent iPhone.

7. iPhone XR

The best iPhone for those trying to hunt out great battery life

The iPhone XR could even be a superb upgrade for the quality consumer who doesn't want to buy for the foremost expensive iPhone money (a lot of money) can purchase. This was Apple's 'cheap' iPhone until the iPhone SE 2020 came along. 

It stands out with a variety of iPhone XR colours: Blue, White, Black, Yellow, Coral, Red. This contrasts heavily with the rather muted colours of the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. Yet it shares an equivalent internal spec: Apple's A12 Bionic chipset and a 12MP dual-lens camera with one lens on the back. 

You don't get the dual-lens camera such as you to do on a higher-tier iPhone, so you miss out on telephoto shots. But Smart HDR is that the important perk to taking great photos, which is here.

It's cheaper, it's more colourful and it is a huge 6.1-inch screen. That's enough for several people, especially people that aren't insistent on a robust OLED screen.

8. iPhone X

The iPhone that changed the range

The iPhone X is as impressive because it's dear, but if you need a superb modern iPhone without buying a more modern device, this is often often often the one to urge today. 

It has an outsized all-screen display, apart from a notch cutout at the absolute best that houses a replacement TrueDepth Camera. This takes selfies to a special level and will also map your face to an iPhone X-exclusive Animoji. If you're doing not know what that's by now you almost certainly won't care.

The iPhone X is Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone and has almost everything iPhone users are posing for, from a more forward-leaning design to faster specs and new features. You'll just need to get won't to Face ID rather than reaching for that non-existent fingerprint sensor.

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