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How to factory reset an iPad

How to factory reset an iPad
How to factory reset an iPad

There are many reasons why you'd want to reset an iPad: maybe you’re selling it, or it’s got a bug that only resetting can fix, or perhaps you’ve just cluttered up the OS and wish to scrub it the simple way.

However, it’s not always easy – the selection to reset your iPad is hidden within the settings menu, and even once you discover it there are five different types of resetting, you'll do.

How to wipe certain information off your iPad 

To get obvious information about your iPad, like your keyboard dictionary or location history, you'll reset certain pockets of knowledge.

First, open the Settings app – it’s on the house page by default, and thus the icon is grey with cogs. Then, within the alternatives listed on the left, select ‘General’, which is within the third cluster of options on the left.

Now, scroll right to the lowest of this list. At the lowest, above ‘Shut Down’, is ‘Reset’ – select this and you’ll be presented with an outsized list of options.

You can select ‘Reset Locations and Privacy’ to urge obviate all location data, ‘Reset Home Screen Layout’ to reset the apps you've on your home page (and wipe out all of your carefully curated folders), ‘Reset Keyboard Dictionary’ to urge obviate all of your saved words and lexical preferences, and ‘Reset Network Settings’ to forget all of your saved Wi-Fi passwords.

How to reset your iPad

If you'd wish to wish the nuclear option and switch your iPad back to the device it had been once you initially got it, then there’s an option for that.

Remember to repeat all of your information first though, either by exporting it through the cloud or by physically uploading it to a computer, if there’s anything you don’t want to lose. ready to "> you'll follow similar steps to the due to copy your iPhone to be able to do this.

Once you're done, it's time to reset. Follow the prior instructions until you get to the ‘Reset’ menu.

Now, select ‘Erase All Content and Settings’. You’ll get to place in your password just to assure your device it’s you wiping your data, then your iPad will start to scrub its banks.

This process won’t take long, and shortly you’ll have yourself a good-as-new iPad.

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